Research staff

  • Prof. GHEORGHE ZAMAN, PhD., DHC (1942-2021) 
  • Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy
  • Director of the Institute of National Economy (1990-2021) 
  • Prof. VICTOR AXENCIUC, PhD. (1928-2022)
  • Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy
  • Senior Researcher, Institute of National Economy (1980-2022)
Research Departments' Coordinators
  • Prof. Zizi Goschin, PhD., Senior Researcher, Department "Competitiveness, Technical Progress and the Knowledge-Based Economy", PhD Adviser in Cybernetics and Economic Statistics,, CV
  • Florin-Marius Pavelescu, PhD., Senior Researcher, Department "Economic Theory, Modeling and History of the National Economy", PhD Adviser in Economics,, CV
  • Victor Platon, PhD., Senior Researcher, Department "Economic Development", PhD Adviser in Economics, e-mail:, CV
  • Marius Răzvan Surugiu, PhD., Senior Researcher, Department "Economy of Human Resources", e-mail:, CV
  • Raluca Mazilescu, PhD., Senior Researcher, Department "Development and Social Cohesion",, CV
  • Daniela Antonescu, PhD., Senior Researcher, Department "Management and Institutional Structures of the Economy",, CV
Research Staff
Ethics Commission